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My Top 3 places to buy the
Freshest Stone Crabs

Dear Reader,

If you are reading this it’s because you are looking for stone crabs. Well guess what… you have come to the right place. 

I am going to show where to find the freshest and tastiest Stone Crabs available for you in your home.  

As an avid stone crab lover of over 30 years, I’d consider myself somewhat of a stone crab expert.  It was my father who first introduced me to them in the Florida Keys. As a young boy, I’d accompany him to the local fish market during the season, digging for the freshest claws to crack into together. 

Since then, as a lifelong Florida native, I’ve developed a SERIOUS passion for stone crab. I simply love them and the unique dining experience they provide. 

Enough about me, here are the best stone crabs you can get.

I based my recommendation on the following;

Freshness / Taste


Customer service

Our Top 3 Recommended Stone Crab

The Overview

George Stone Crab — based in Miami, Florida — is home to the freshest stone crabs in the business. Only open during the stone crab season, George Stone Crab prides itself in its ocean-to-door nature. A well-known supplier for the best restaurants in town, I am not the only one who believes in their freshness and taste. By being owners of their own fleet of boats, their prices come out at roughly 40% – 60% less than restaurants.

Furthermore, George’s guarantees security and white-glove service; if an order is lost, stolen, or does not arrive by the promised time, a new order will be shipped to the customer — courtesy of the business. Lastly, the establishment manages all claw sizes; medium, large, jumbo, and colossal.

Due to its nature of only offering FRESH stone crab (during the legal season of…..) season, George Stone Crab is a wholesaler and has no restaurant, offering strictly home delivery or expedited shipping nationwide.


  • Fresh Crab Only, Nothing PRE frozen, DIRECT from Florida Keys
  • They Catch 3,000 – 5,000 lbs a day
  • 40-60% less than restaurant pricing
  • Supplier of the top tier restaurants in South Florida
  • Manages all sizes (medium, large, jumbo, and colossal)
  • Included homemade mustard sauce
  • Perfectly cracked claws, no matter what size is ordered for home delivery in South Florida


  • No restaurant available, just nationwide home delivery
  • Limited offerings, they sell stone crab and very little else


Overall Rating: 9.5/10


The Overview

If you’ve ever been to Miami, you’ve heard of Joe’s Stone Crab. Likely, you’ve eaten there. A well-established institution, Joe’s Stone crab has been an iconic, luxurious, and impeccably run restaurant at the forefront of Miami’s cuisine scene since 1913, founded by Joseph “Joe” Weiss. Ironically, the institution is more commonly famous for its delicious fried chicken sandwich (highly recommended.) Due to its large popularity, Joe’s has various locations throughout the United States. We believe, however, that each location varies in its quality, due to its varying freshness. Furthermore, Joe’s Stone Crab does sell sides, even online.

However, being a restaurant that is open year-round, the stone crabs are typically not fresh unless in season in the Miami location, henceforth often serving frozen. Inarguably, these are the most expensive stone crabs on the market. If one were
to order online, they would forgo Joe’s experience, arguably its most enticing element. Lastly, Joe’s claw sizes are arbitrary as they have created their own; the sizes offered are medium, selects, large, junior jumbo, and jumbo, with no
colossal being offered online.



  • A well-accredited, widely regarded, and iconic institution
  • Have been in the stone crab business for over 100 years
  • Have various luxurious restaurants, honing impeccable service
  • Sell stone crab sides online.


  • Not always fresh stone crabs as the season is only 7 months a year and their restaurants (Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, and DC) and online service open all year around
  • Most expensive stone crabs on the market
  • The most impressionable part of Joe’s (which gives the most bang for your buck) is the restaurant’s experience. If one is ordering online, that element is foregone
  • They have created their own sizes — “selects”, and “junior jumbo”  amongst the previously-established industry standard sizes
  • They do not offer colossal claws online


Overall Rating: 8.5/10


The Overview

A south Florida favorite, Billy’s stone crab is considered a must-eat restaurant. The luxury and respective services are impeccable. Located in Hollywood, Florida many Miami and Fort Lauderdale locals make the drive for the experience of Billy’s. Furthermore, common sides are offered, even through online orders. The cons we’ve identified are similar to that of Joe’s; Firstly, Billy’s is open all year round, compromising the freshness of the stone. Secondly, when ordering online, one does not get to enjoy Billy’s experience. Billy’s, too, have created their own size: Selects. They do, however, offer medium, large, jumbo, and colossal online. Even with all of this in mind, Billy’s comes in at the 2nd most expensive stone crab location.
Although all great institutions, there are crucial differences to consider when it comes to cultivating the right stone crab experience.
Billy’s Stone Crab comes only slightly lagging behind our #2 choice but does not match with George Stone Crab, which is
our #1 choice.



  • They have a luxurious, waterfront restaurant location in
    Hollywood, Florida
  • They sell the common sides online


  • Open year-round, hence — beyond the season — freshness is hard to find
  • 2nd most expensive stone crabs
  • Similar to Joe’s, when ordering online you forego the Billy’s experience
  • Also similar to Joe’s, they created their own size: “selects”


Overall Rating: 7.8/10